Important announcement to make.

After spending nearly a quarter of a century wandering vast oceans, barren lands and dystopian cityscapes, sources finally confirm that our mascot THE MANIMAL’s long lost, biological brother is in fact pop singer Paul Engemann. For proof, all you really need is this music video from his days as lead vocalist in the band Device. Seriously, don’t continue reading without watching the video.

The lion’s mane
Leather chaps
Seductive glares
Single-dangly earring

It all makes sense. Paul mirrors The Manimal’s strongest attributes in both appearance and stage moves. Their resemblance is uncanny and I refuse to believe these two aren’t cut from the same cloth. It’s evidence that would hold up in a courtroom.

Perhaps after being separated at birth, while The Manimal bounced from orphanage to orphanage, eventually being sent to live with a pack of wild dogs in that toxic wasteland he called home for a few years, brother Paul was adopted by a nice family and given all sorts of musical training and lessons, paving the way for his future success.

For The Manimal, his rough start to life shaped what you see, hear and read about at Paul on the other hand had the manicured life which lead to a string of pop and soundtrack hits. Some of his most notable are the multiple collaborations with disco legend Giorgio Moroder, as well as ‘Push It To The Limit’ (Scarface), ‘Brain Power’ (Summer School) and ‘Reach Out’ (Track Theme from the ’84 Olympics). Paul also was lead vocalist in both Device and Animotion.

While the brothers veered down different paths, their biological ruthless attitudes stayed parallel. Watch Paul’s performances to witness the snarling facial expressions he exhibits so effortlessly. They definitely differ in that The Manimal had more of an itch for heavy metal and chasing barbarian babes, while his estranged brother spent a decade crafting pulsating synthesizer music and shooting music videos in abandoned warehouses under misty blue lighting.

Who knows, maybe they’ll cross paths soon and collaborate on a monstrous new dance sensation to sweep the nation and change the face of music forever.

7 Comments on “BROTHER QUEST.”

  1. hahaha, yesss! Reminds me of “Twins” and “Double Impact.” Two completely different lives, but both epic and righteous in their own way.

  2. But Paul doesn’t wear chaps he wears gaters. ha ha. He has several other brothers as well, including Kip Winger, Duff Mckagan, Steven Adler and one dude from the band, The Outfield. Guy has the moves and the attitude. Watch the video, You’re Love, you’ll see it for sure! His human parents were busy! LOL 😉

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