On today’s installment of Stripped Down Sundays, please start out by finding the nearest hammock, La-Z-Boy, lawn chair or anything to put you into reclining position. Next, set yourself up with a large Piña Colada or any tropical drink. Who cares if it’s nine in the morning? Now close your eyes and drift away to an exotic island where you and a scantily clad dream babe are together for a bungle in the jungle. The band Danger Danger are here to assist with one of their most tantalizing tracks…

“Ol’ King Kong
He had a thing for blondes
The ladies were drivin’ him ape
Then that poor boy slipped
And he lost his grip
From the top of the Empire State”

Of course if you need maximum results, the stripped down acoustic version of this song probably isn’t going to do it. Danger Danger’s best album in their catalogue is 1991’s Screw It!, which contains the song ‘Monkey Business’ in full pumping glory.

Ah, screw it. I know these are our Stripped Down Sundays and we’re supposed to be relaxing by unplugging the guitars and amps, but we’re making an exception today because this is one of Uncle T’s favorite “arena rock” music videos. Gorillas, long butts, denim and lead singer Ted Poley dry humping the air on stage. Enjoy.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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