German Death Disco from 1982. That’s the topic of today’s discussion, courtesy of the brave souls over at Dangerous Minds.

Long before your favorite darkwave artists like Perturbator, Umberto and SURVIVE even knew what a synthesizer was, there were a couple weirdos in Germany creating a devastating blend of robotic horror music a thousand times more scarier. May I present WARNING.

When you’ve finished traveling through Tron-land with these harbingers of death in the video above, read over the full article at this location. There’s no need for me to reiterate the myth and mystery of Warning after Dangerous Minds’ write-up executed it so perfectly. Plus – I need time to dip into my private stash of expired quaaludes just to try and sleep tonight after watching this.

 “What were they warning us about? We may never know, but I will tell you this much, once you hear Warning, you will never forget them. Even if you really want to…”

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