When news broke last December that Brooke McCarter had passed at the young age of 52, the ground shook and lightning struck down in the Land of TNUC. Not only do we consider The Lost Boys to be one of the finest works of art/cinema, but honestly if this movie didn’t exist — this place might not either.

Growing up watching this movie, there was no badder and radder gang of misfits than “Paul” and those vamp brothers of his. Brooke McCarter’s portrayal of Paul personified everything this place strives for in terms of looks, style and brute ‘tude. His dialogue in the movie may have been brief – but the clothes, boots, motorcycle, moussed hair, single earring and shadowy mysteriousness created something bigger than words could have done.

evolution tnuc

In a non-planned and organic sort of situation, Paul became the “Manimal” mascot for the Land of TNUC. I’ve attempted to change mascots and start completely new on several occasions, but in the end it never feels right. Some of you may be scratching your heads, wondering how this single character from a vampire film almost 30 years old could possibly make such an impact on anything, but anyone who digs deep in our archives will eventually “get it”.

vamp bike

One thought that pops in my head after every viewing of The Lost Boys is what music this guy would’ve been cranking on his beat up, rusty cassette player. Aside from the incredible soundtrack and songs used in the film that certainly need to introduction here, what other songs would he bang that blonde rat’s nest on top of his head to? What nasty numbers would prompt him to dance around in the cave at Hudson’s Bluff? What was he blasting on moto night rides down the beach? Let’s face it, this guy listened to TUNES. Heavy metal, goth rock, bubble gum, rare out-of-print Tim Cappello “Live in Santa Carla” vinyl pressings…I’m pretty sure nothing was out of bounds for the boardwalk bloodsucker.


So instead of pouting and complaining about how crude dudes like Paul aren’t bred to this world anymore (although it’s true), today we’re celebrating the man’s legacy by saying hello to the night and getting lost in the shadows with a “Paul’s Motorcycle Mixtape” playlist….the (10) best handpicked tunes our vamp brother would have been cranking on his cassette Walkman!

1) Mötley Crüe – Knock ‘Em Dead Kid
2) Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection
3) Judas Priest – Hot Rockin’
4) Sandra – Midnight Man
5) Skid Row – Sweet Little Sister
6) WASP – Restless Gypsy
7) Mitch Murder – Savage
8) Dokken – Lost Behind the Wall
9) Rainbow – Street of Dreams
10) Mark Isham – End Credits from The Hitcher

† Free Download †

lost boys motorcycle

MEGA BONUS: Check out this Lost Boys Drinking Game from


  1. You have feelings for this movie like me about The Wraith from 1986. Simply was engraved in my memory when I was a kid. Also the soundtrack is one of the best ever!

  2. Great mixtape in memory of our lost brother. He may be gone, but his spirit and crude ‘tude will go on forever at Hudson’s Bluff, overlooking the point, and Camp TNUC.

  3. Great tape for lurking in the city by night, thanks TNUC.

    Paul will never be forgotten. (for some reason I always think of him when I eat chinese-in-a-box…)

  4. Great, great tribute! Paul is and will always be my vampire. I’m going to share this on my blog, LostInSantaCarla! Love it! Thank you!

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