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After countless viewings over three decades of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, many of us have roamed the earth wandering how much of Cameron Crowe’s vision of high school in 1982 was actually true. If only a certain long-lost documentary would suddenly resurface to the masses, giving us an hour-long glimpse of what high school was like…

Well, that time is now as filmmaker Keva Rosenfield’s All American High is available for viewing for the first time in 25 years. The documentary takes a look at Torrance, Southern California’s class of 1984 by the perspective of a Finnish exchange student named Rikki. Watch the trailer below.

Prom night! Keg parties! Punks! Football games! The mall! All themes and events are examined through the eyes of this foreign exchange student during her time at Torrance High. The film was recently given an upgrade which includes a bonus portion that catches up with a few of the students, now all grown up. All American High: Revisited is available to watch on AmazoniTunes and GooglePlay.

all american high

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