Returning from that infamous little corner of France is one of the Valerie crew’s heavy hitters, Maethelvin (don’t ask me about how to pronounce it) with a new release as part of the label’s ‘Composer Series’. Even though most of the songs have been kicking around since 2007, this marks the first official album from Maethelvin and TNUC is ever so pleased to blast this by his new poolside cabana.

Delicious night rhythms ‘Looking for Love and ‘Plan B’ bring me back to the days of discovering all these lush melodies back when Myspace was really booming with this type of music. Here were all these artists from foreign lands like France and Italy who were channeling the sights and sounds of 1980’s Miami and other steamy climates of America. When these artists emerged there was such a fresh, authentic feeling while listening and staring at their easy-on-the-eyes imagery which reflected so well with the music. They also didn’t need to pummel you in the face with cheap, photoshopped palm trees or “retro-neon-wave-vapor” junk. The mysteriousness and less-is-more approach gave the whole package a certain allure that had me very intrigued. It’s like a natural continuation of the music and soundtracks I loved so much growing up.

night breeze

On ‘Plan B’, my eyes are immediately fixated on a pool lit up at night. As I recline on a nearby lawn chair in my giant elastic waisted white slacks and Palm Springs t-shirt, I can’t stop gazing at the cool mist trickling around on top of the water. Suddenly, a perfectly toned hardbody emerges from the water like some sort of mythical chlorine creature. She hands me an alligator briefcase, then puts a tiny key in my hand, winks and walks off. I open the briefcase and observe its contents: a gold watch, sunglasses, grey slacks and a glossy photo of Sonny Crockett playing football. I don’t know what it means, but I accept it.

donMaethelvin – Composer Series 005
Limited Collectors CD – 100 copies [Order Here]
Get it on Bandcamp here

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