A man and a woman trading vocals back and forth in a song. It’s called a “duet” and for some reason it feels like a lost art in the musical world. What happened?

All of TNUC’s favorite duets are at least 25 years old and I think a part of that is because so few beauties and beasts have taken a stab at it. It has to be a bold move for singers and musicians. There needs to be chemistry, the vocals need to blend just the right way together and some deep sexual tension never hurts either. You didn’t need to tell that last tip to Fiona and Kip Winger who in 1989 proved in the music video for “Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)” that sexual groping and grinding was very encouraged. Also no shortage of leather and hair. Watch that now..

The song itself is OK, but the real highlight for me is the fact that these two came together and busted out a hot and heavy, 100% duet. The video features Kip and Fiona swapping vocals and thrusts for over 4 minutes in one of those abandoned, upscale apartments that were all the rage during this era. Also as mentioned earlier there is tons of hair in this video. Could that be the missing ingredient holding back artists from making duets these days?

As far as the lyrics go, I think “sexing” translates to “teasing”. In a 2009 interview with Kip, he claimed that he never had a sexual relationship with Fiona, but there were rumors of an affair between her and Reb Beach (Winger lead guitarist).

Kip needs no introduction in the Land of TNUC. He not only fronts one of the most overlooked, underappreciated and talented bands from the heyday, but he’s also the innovator of the “heavy metal pirouette”, the infamous spin and kick move that he can’t stop doing in live performances and in Winger music videos. The guy is a twirling, roundhouse-kicking barbarian on stage and anyone who has seen the videos for Seventeen, Madalaine and Hungry knows what I’m talking about.

In an attempt to keep this entry holiday themed, here’s Santa Kip:kip santa

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