I realize that we’ve been talking about Francis ‘Chainsaw’ Gremp from the movie Summer School for about the last 27 years or soDuring our October spread just last year we paid tribute on two separate occasions to this legendary teenage gorehound. Well, just when I thought there was probably nothing else to say about the man, I came upon an item that physically and emotionally knocked the living daylights out of me when I saw it.



Yes, right now Uncle T could take you on a ride with one of his “tall-tales” about him borrowing the hand for research from an aging, burnt out Chainsaw who now lives under the Venice Beach pier with his old buddy Dave. In reality, I was innocently spending another afternoon browsing around Ebay for vintage-rubber-horror-stuff and BAM, there it was. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a radiant glow coming off the screen and an echoing gregorian-chant humming in the room. I was pretty confident it was the exact rubber hand, but could only really confirm by seeing it in person. A nervous 2% hoped it wasn’t an Addam’s Family “Thing” toy, or a replica of Garth Algar’s rubbery-robot hand from the “we fear change” scene in Wayne’s World. Not that I wouldn’t be happy owning those two items, but with this being Chainsaw’s rubber hand it truly felt like the planets were aligning and I somehow I was meant to find this wonderful nonsense.

So when the hand arrived at Castle TNUC, I had the “nightmare” scene in Summer School cued up and ready to validate. I unboxed the hand, immediately inserted the batteries and sure enough – those fingers wiggled just like they did when waking up Chainsaw in his bodacious horror bedroom. See for yourself in the video below.

The hand is insanely and creepily realistic. It’s rubber material feels like the same rubbery gold that those pesky Boglins are made of. It came in it’s original box which has the title “The Wigglin’ Hand” and the manufacturer’s name on the back of the box reading “Vic’s Novelty”. After doing a little research I found out the company was based in Oxnard, California with a guy named Victor Provenzano Jr being the brains behind the operation.

wigglin hand

This entire  journey – from growing up idolizing Chainsaw in the movie, to ending up finding the same hand as well as information about it’s origins felt like some strange, rubbery, latex, pre-CGI-era mindtrip. Never did I seek out to find this precious artifact in stores or on the internet. This gold at the end of the rainbow was completely unintentional. The more I stare at it, the more I’m convinced it is the hand in Wayne’s World that we were talking about earlier. This hand seems to really get around and i’m wondering where else it’s shown up? If by looking at it more it starts to ring some bells, let me know where you may have spotted it and i’ll get members of TNUC’s top research team on it.

4 Comments on “STRUCK RUBBERY GOLD.”

  1. Congrats man. Totally know the feeling of uncovering a grail like this. Incredible what determination does, especially on eBay ;). Can’t think of any movies at the moment where the mechanical hand could of appeared but will definitely give you a buzz if I do. Koodos for the find, that’s some slick detective stuff right there :p

  2. This is amazing. I remember reading about this last year. Congrats on am amazing find. It was meant to be!

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