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The time has come. Now YOU can own your very own, limited edition CAMP TNUC shirt just like every victim that ever strolled down our path wearing denim booty shorts and a cropped belly shirt! The shirts feature a left breast woodland creature “CAMP TNUC” logo on the front – and the full-blown woodland Manimal across the back. These are extremely limited (50 pieces) and will only be available during the month of October, so grab yours before it’s too late.


Krystal Lake 1 crop
I’ll be shipping these rad bastards out as quick as possible because Uncle T wants to see you in them. Snap a picture, then jump on Instagram and either @ me or tag #uncletnuc and I’ll eventually collect all the photos to make a shrine with them surrounded by candles and rotting flesh! Here are some fashion statement tips if you’re interested in turning your shirt into the ultimate cliche-camp-victim garment:

Ghouls: Sleeveless muscle tee’s, rolled up sleeves with joints tucked inside, shredded heavy metal buzzsaw style or standard fit.
Ghoulettes: Cropped belly (HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION), spaghetti strapped, rolled up sleeves, curled-up-bottom-into-ball-thing, shredded heavy metal buzzsaw style or standard fit (all styles w/ no bra for complete accuracy).
 –  –  – 
Pictured above is Krystal Lake, who was photographed by Jason Sheppard of Many of you will remember Jason being the mastermind behind the “Wanna Play?” photoshoot where he shot one of his hot vixens posing as a Good-Guy Doll from the toy factory in Child’s Play 2. This month he’s got a number of Halloween-inspired projects lined up which I urge all of you to check out with your own headless eyes.

5 Comments on “CAMP TNUC SHIRTS!”

  1. Cute girl, but even better t-shirt!

    Printed on “1970’s lemon”
    God damn that just sold me right there. Time to get ready for Halloween. TNUC DOES IT AGAIN!!

  2. Yes! A Camp TNUC shirt is how you kick off Halloween. I’m going to wear mine to the Alice Cooper, Mötley Crüe show and Halloween Horror Nights!

  3. Camp TNUC can’t come early enough this year. The t-shirt’s ordered, the machete is on the bag and them teeny boppers deserve to die, and brutally so. Let’s do this!

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