“Bless this highly nutritional microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner and the people who sold it on sale. Amen.”

There’s so much to love about Home Alone, but something about this 9 year old not giving this good looking, well balanced, nuked dish a simple bite that never ceases to frustrate me to my very core….I know i’m not alone in this either.

This isn’t the first marvelous looking plate of food that Kevin sat down to feast on. From his Little Nero’s personal cheese pizza, to that ice cream sundae explosion that he scarfed down while watching Angels With Filthy Souls, to the steaming hot thin crust pizza courtesy of the Plaza Hotel on the limo drive over to Duncan’s Toy Shop in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York…let’s face it, Kevin knew how to eat.

Some brave and generous soul took the time to put together the following video of Kraft and Velveeta vintage commercials that really relaxed TNUC when he recently watched it all the way through. There’s something about these recipes and their phenomenal blend of cheese and fat that helped TNUC forget about Kevin’s lost dinner.


OK, time to get the kitchen staff pumping out these dishes by the 25th. Don’t be surprised if the next update you hear about TNUC is his triple bypass surgery.

1 Comments on “KEVIN’S LOST DINNER.”

  1. One of the greatest Christmas movies of all time. I've already watched it, along with Lost in New York, at least a dozen times this November/December.

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