“Pasta” is probably the last thing I predicted would be relieving me of my post-Halloween pit of blandness. The problem with pummeling out posts left and right throughout a month like October is the inevitable comedown. Much like drinking Jack Daniels and popping ‘ludes all night with Vanity – times may seem like they’re at an all-time-high, but the after effects are going to be slightly sufferable. So of course it couldn’t be any ordinary, everyday pasta that would skyrocket TNUC back to the forefront. Today we tackle the iconic, food court staple of Minnesota’s Mall-of-America that whipped up signature dishes like Hulkaronis, Hulka-roo’s and Hulk-U’s…all from the mind of a certain over-oiled and over-tanned blonde warrior gourmet…

During the mid-90’s Hulk Hogan made two gigantic career leaps. First, he would leave his longtime pro-wrestling family of the WWF to join WCW and second – he would revolutionize Italian culinary culture by opening his very own restaurant Pastamania!, exclusively in the food court of this country’s largest mall. Here’s a short clip of the unforgettable grand opening which aired live on the world premiere of WCW’s Monday Night Nitro:

As the Hulkster proclaims in the video, eating at Pastamania! allegedly kept hungry fans slim & trim (it’s hard to believe, but then again Hulk Hogan would never lie to Hulkamaniacs and Pastamaniacs). Sadly the restaurant’s reign as king of the food court would be short-lived. Pastamania! was shut down less than one year after it being open. Food critics, world renowned top chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs would never find out what secret ingredients Chef Hulk used to create exquisite dishes like the Spaghetti & Hulk-Balls and Hulkuccine.

But wait…could it be….?

Several years after the demise of the restaurant a group of upset and enraged Pastamaniacs resurrected the original marquee and attached it to an abandoned building in downtown Minneapolis. We too refuse to let go of the dream…

(Don’t forget to continue onto Pt. 2 of this feature to see an actual Pastamania! menu)

3 Comments on “PASTAMANIA.”

  1. Where the hell do you dig up and find these amazing hidden treasures? Your blog should be taught in every classroom in America of today. This lifestyle should be studied, loved, and lived.

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