As I type this, we’re smack dab in the middle of September and that means it’s that time of year when TNUC’s thirst for Halloween is at maximum overdrive. Days literally crawl by with the aching desire for EVERYTHING Halloween. As I sit here wanting to infect you disciples with every horror-flavored item and announcement we have in store this season, I somehow find a shred of discipline and decide to play by the rules. TNUC can’t unveil anything right now. Simply put, it’s too early and we wouldn’t want to prematurely splurge.

I have synth-lords Carpenter Brut to thank for lending TNUC a helping hand with not bopping my bologna too early in the Halloween season. Even though my anticipation for their newest EP of melodic macabre is sky-high, getting a taste of one of the new tracks Obituary was just the right amount of spook to keep me at bay until October.

For those new to Carpenter Brut, you’re in for a treat. Gritty electronic sounds combine with icey-synths that create a signature yet familiar sound reminiscent of the horror and eroticism you’d feel watching a Giallo film. Last year the group released their debut 6-track EP that included first single Le Perv, with a flawless accompanying “video tribute to Lucio Fulci and legwarmers” by editor Silver Strain. This Friday the group will continue their slick n’ savage onslaught with a follow up release simply titled “EP II”, an album that they describe “takes us away from the graveyards and into the mean streets of a crime infested metropolis”. You can read more about that here. But first, have a look at the video (above) for Obituary. It was once again put together by Silver Strain and features no shortage of ultra-violence, Asian girls, city steam, masturbation and good-clean-fun.

Big thanks to these lads for keeping it evil on “EP II”. With former slasher-disco duo Gatekeeper abandoning the genre for something “else”…(blah), we can be happy torchburners like Steve Moore, Antoni Maiovvi, Gianni Rossi and Carpenter Brut are going strong into the beyond.

Album is out this Friday, Sept. 20th. Pre-order the CD/Digital here.
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2 Comments on “CARPENTER BRUT.”

  1. I thought Steve Moore and Gianni Rossi are the same person?
    Can't wait for your Halloween posts! Always brightens up my October!

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