We can’t imagine listening to anything but Steve Moore’s latest LP Light Echoes as we summon the wagons, storm castles and prepare for what always guarantees to be the most wonderful time of the year….Halloween season.

The sounds used on Light Echoes will lurk to secret caverns in your brain, sunken depths that only the finest musical offerings are granted access. These sounds are part of an interesting story about one of Steve’s live shows during which he encountered an obstacle while trying to translate his brand of music in a live setting, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Mr. Moore explains further: “After a couple years of awkward, lap-top driven live sets, I realized I was doing it wrong”….”I was looking at these shows only from my perspective, too concerned with how I could re-produce my songs live to relaize that these songs didn’t work with a live setting anyway. I thought about what I, as a member of the audience, would enjoy, and came to the conclusion that ‘songs’ are basically the last thing I want to hear when I see a guy bring a bunch of synthesizers on stage. I want to hear sounds. I want to hear what those synthesizers can do. Which brings us to this new album.”

Stream track #1 ‘Tykien’s Rift’, a 6-minute celestial beast slow-burner.

Steve is consistently a familiar figure around Camp TNUC with his vast array of diverse projects, but it’s always his solo work that never fails to bring me back for the most repeated listens. This could be attributed to his knack for creating music that builds…and builds….and builds…and then ends up in some sublime abyss of emerald paradise. Speaking of an abyss, the final track on the album exceeds the 28-minute mark. Listen at your own risk. Cuneiform Records describes the album as “a 70′ long electronic meditation, a continuation of the German ‘space music’ made famous in the 70’s, but with today’s aesthetic and Moore’s own affinities in place.”

Recommended listening environments/habitats for Light Echoes include brisk autumn rides up the New England coast or if you happened to snag a nightshift lighthouse keeper gig this season. You know, being the person responsible for tending and caring for a lighthouse. Fueling oil lamps and watching boats come to shore through the fog. This would be an ideal score for those nightly duties. Purchase the 6-track album through the Cuneiform Records site in CD and/or digital formats.

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  1. Steve Moore always capturing that haunting sound. 'NUC have you heard his live set “Ancient Shorelines (Live at Abrons Arts Center)”? It's an awesome set.

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