I said it before and i’ll say it again. If TNUC produced original music or was maybe contracted at gunpoint to craft some type of upbeat, daytime-sounding composition, it’s safe to say that it would sound exactly like this.

Maybe when my agent returns from Guam, we’ll finally get some signatures down in ink on that lucrative deal he’s been promising for years, and get started on making a record. The sound quality on this track is piss poor, apologies for that, but its the best we could salvage from the beloved Lou Ferrigno’s Body Perfection workout tape.

Thirsty for more? Read our Lou Ferrigno predecessor post (featuring a clip from the workout tape) at this location.

9 Comments on “THE BEST STUFF ON EARTH.”

  1. This song is amazing! Who wrote this song?? The sax takes it to the next level!

    Can't wait for the new Uncle T shirts.

  2. Isn't it? Not sure who cranked out this one, but i'll know soon……when my VHS COPY ARRIVES.

    Yea man, let me know of any hot ideas for TNUC shirts that you think of. Totally up for suggestions.

  3. Simply amazing, can't get over this song. The sax lead sounds like something Boy Meets Girl would write. The bellish/synth lead is extremely upbeat/happy pop. TNUC you never let us down.

  4. I know it's expensive but you need to make a TNUC clothing line. All 80's wear, old distressed world gym muscle looking shirts/tank tops, ocean pacific/vision street style, the Lost Boys image, random triangles and paint splatters. Keep the same logo/image just more color ways and what not, who knows hah. The possibilities are endless.

  5. bjorn absolutely got the vision!!! i'll start hunting down those PERFETTO sportswear for samples… i can see it coming… TNUC sportswear for the strong and wild, elastic waistband acid wash jeans, string tanks, fleece cut offs, ambervision style sunglasses… the market is endless

  6. Ballerman you nailed it man! String tanks, day-glow and neon colors shirts/tanks, acid washed ripped up jeans, denim jackets. TNUC or Ballerman have you guys heard of “Warriors of Radness”? There from Cali so maybe TNUC has, but they make retro vintage looking surf clothes, but their expensive but they are bringing back that style 80s, shorter shorts/baggies birdwell style, tight high waisted jeans Swayze style, etc. They have a cool slogan “Bashing Lips. Waxing Chicks.”

    PS – Uncle T did your VHS ever come in? I want the full mp3 of this song haha…also Ballerman are you working on a new mixtape, love the last one.

  7. LOVE the ideas. I dreamt last night I was being buried and trapped by a 2 ton pile of TNUC MERCHANDISE in my kitchen, and NO ONE COULD HEAR MY SCREAMS.

    It was terrifying, but at the same time I felt so good about how much TNUC MERCH existed.

    Bjorn, i have TONS of Warriors of Radness gear. Their store is actually just down the street from me. Little pricey yes, but the stuff is strong and theres nothing like it, so its pretty much worth the extra buck or two. And no, my VHS hasn't arrived yet, but you can be sure when it does, i will waste no time in ripping every second of audio from that thing for you guys!


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