Everyone can relate to the feeling of discovering a new artist/band that with every song you pull out of their catalogue, one by one they keep getting better. Psychemagik, a DJ duo from a cosmic forest in the UK (their words), had me at the first .02 seconds of their edit of the Talking Heads classic, ‘This Must Be the Place’. Just when you thought the original song couldn’t be anymore tropical sounding, the DJ duo enrich it, casting a galloping, island adventure feel over the track that encompasses everything going on in the above picture, plus way more. Imagine this song playing on a remote island where girls donned in loin cloths ride tigers down the beach, bringing you the finest local coconut rum you’ve ever tasted.
The fun continues with their edit of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’. The build up they create to the chorus is almost supernatural and has TNUC almost spilling his lunch. Once it hits you, you feel no pain. Great edits like this one give you a new perspective on the original song and begin the love for it all over again.

Lastly, Valley of Paradise is exactly what the title suggests. With samples borrowed from the David Crosby solo track Orleans, they’ve birthed 9 minutes-plus of pure, desert-heat ecstasy. The acoustics, violins and swooping bass lines will bring you to sacred, ancient caverns of the mind while simultaneously setting your thoughts at ease. Songs like this one often start out promising but then drop off, leaving you underwhelmed and stranded, not reaching that oasis that you visioned back while perched up on the sandy dune. But not this track, Psychemagik reach their oasis, and take huge gulps from its natural, mystical spring. Now go purchase the full song! 

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