Spring break is among us. That means its time to drop the textbooks and pick up the iron. Before you know it, summer will be here and the beaches will be calling your name. And when I say beaches, I mean the little foxes. And when I say little foxes, I mean the hardbodies! It’s time to get off that bean-bag chair and get into motion.

During the winter months of the year, I typically delve into a TNUC-style hibernation, remaining in a dormant state locked inside TNUC Laboratories. It’s here that I perform my duties as the ‘keymaster’ and when I have time, craft different projects such as the upcoming TNUC signature bathrobes.

Then, spring season rolls around. Personally, my physical education this time of year consists of a hard-disciplined diet of raw shark meat and grapefruit. Lets hope the following song becomes the motivational tool that makes you throw on the Muscle Beach cut-off-belly sweatshirt and grab that jump rope. Stream the song then download it by clicking the down-arrow on the right. If you can last through 9 minutes and 10 seconds of this, I applaud you.

Jane Fonda – Aerobics d/l

Note: Be sure to wear something comfortable yet dominating when pumping iron this season.


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