14 tracks / 63 minutes / 1 Swayze.

This very well could be the most important post on Uncle TNUC, and also could be the last, so listen up…It’s been a little over a week since we heard the horrific news of Patrick Swayze’s death. I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates, but as you can imagine, the magnitude of his death struck grief and sorrow throughout the TNUC camp. TNUC basically came to a screeching hault and to be honest, in light of this tragedy, the future of TNUC was seriously in question. When a loss this severe arrives, it feels like a part of your youth and upbringing closes its door. Yet through this loss, I’ve gained knowledge and learned something. I’ve learned that the one thing EVERY ONE knows about me, is my love for SWAYZE. I was amazed and shocked to see how many condolences I received over the week. I think it really hit me when artist LexiconDon said to me, “My heart goes out to you. SWAYZE was like a brother to you”. It’s true. From Road House, to Youngblood, to Point Break, to Black Dog, I literally swear by these films. I mean, how many people do you know that can say they own a Road House super-size half-naked SWAYZE poster, Road House soundtrack (on cassette), Road House beer coaster, Road House official Japanese movie program and the Tiger Warsaw soundtrack on Vinyl. And the list goes on, no kidding.

The heart wrenching week ended with a sign of hope that swept over me like a proud eagle. I closed my week-long grieving session with attending a rare screening at New Beverly Cinema of SWAYZE’S tractor-trailer-truck-testosterone-thriller, Black Dog. As I polished off my 17th beer of the night, I clenched my grip around the can, raising it in the air, thanking the higher powers that movies like this actually existed, courtesy of THE MAN. I could go on and on about the man but a proper 500th viewing of Road House is calling my name.

But before I go, I’d like to share a very special mix I’ve put together in honor of SWAYZE’S accomplishments. Some of the songs you’ll find on this collection are from his movies, but most are not. PROUD EAGLE: A Salute to SWAYZE, is primarily a collection of songs for you to take a deep dive into the memories of this cinematic icon and also the decade, respectively. Like this blog, this mix has songs for every type of listener. The last thing we want people to do is brush it off like the countless mixes posted on countless blogs. We’ve got something that appeals to every one. There’s dreamwave delights, SWAYZE essentials, soundtrack staples and even a couple monster ballads. Also note that even though the songs are included as individual tracks, and not put together as one continuous mix, they still should be played in numbered order! (track listing is in comment section)


Good thing I have this Road House Survival Kit, because tragedies like this one take time to recover from. This kit should help nurse the emotional wounds. Immediately following his death, I frantically tried finding information on funeral arrangements, but then when I came to my senses, I realized that paying respects to a casket holding a lifeless body is NOT what Dalton would have wanted. His spirit and legacy lives on and thrives in the hearts of all of his supporters. A few days later I read that he was cremated, and his ashes were blown into the wind over his ranch in New Mexico. I love this man.

3 Comments on “BID FAREWELL.”

  1. 01 Electric Light Orchestra – Letter From Spain
    02 Def Leppard – Hysteria
    03 Harold Faltermeyer – Theif of Hearts (instrumental)
    04 Eric Carmen – Hungry Eyes
    05 Cinnomom Chasers – I Like Watching You (Diamond Cut remix)
    06 Keith Forsey – Love Theme
    07 Eddie Money – Club Michelle
    08 College feat. Electric Youth – Teenage Color VS Sailing
    09 WASP – Forever Free
    10 Lovelock – Deco District (demo)
    11 Patrick Swayze – Shes Like the Wind
    12 Ian Matthews – Shake It
    13 Pat Benetar – Invincible (Legend of Billie Jean Movie Mix)
    14 David Foster – Love Theme



  2. As soon as I heard the terrible news I reached for my phone and had to call you. I'm glad you found out before I had to break the news. Thank you for your beautiful words on Swayze Uncle T.

    Swayze is in a better place now probably practicing kung fu shirtless. He'll be greatly missed.

  3. Swayze will always have a place in my heart.It was seeing Roadhouse at an early age that had me keep an eye on his career. I was watching his series “The Beast” and starting to enjoy it.Good choice on the music,6 & 8 are awesome.

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