Hardbodies (definition) noun
                                                       1) the little foxes down at the beach

Say kids, take a lesson from main character Scotty Palmer (Grant Cramer) in this 1984 busty-bikini flick. Scotty is a local bodacious-beach-bum that undoubtedly understands life better than most people i’ve met. When Scotty isn’t spending his days defending his home shore from dweebs, geeks and weirdos, he’s scoring local beauties up and down the beach and most importantly…keeping it rad. If you’re looking for Oscar-worthy acting and groundbreaking film making, don’t go any where near this film. But if buxom babes, beer-drenched beach parties and a juicy soundtrack with songs from all-girl, hair band Vixen are any where near the top of your list, get out and pick up the triumph that is Hardbodies.

Honestly, how can you go wrong with a film that delivers full-frontal nudity before the end of the opening credits (see above clip)!


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