March 12, 1984. A day for the ages.

It was on this fateful night that the infamous Los Angeles discotheque TECH-NOIR was forced to close it’s doors, for good.

It all began on a fairly standard night at the club. The usual crowd were burning up the dance floor as a sea of fog and neon drenched over the future-disco lovers. If you had any brains or balls, you wouldn’t dare miss Thursday nights @ Tech-Noir. Even if that meant getting dropped off at the front by your mom in the family station-wagon, getting there was the goal, by any means necessary.

Then on one particular Thursday, the joint was at capacity. Literally every one was out that night. Valley girls, punkers, bikers, video vamps, corporate slugs, fiends, breakers, weekend warriors, rat-tails and even a couple C.H.U.D.’s were seen prowling the dance floor (if you don’t know about C.H.U.D.’s, drop a comment and I’ll clue you in). It was an exceptionally fun night, dancing with friends and strangers through the fog and chain-linked-fenced partitions, well at least up until a menace machine from the future showed up, sent to kill the mother of resistance leader John Connor, to thus prevent the birth of Connor and his future rebellion. What a bummer! This footage is the only thing we could salvage from the fateful night…

Once the club had been trashed from that moody cyborg and his buddies, Tech-Noir was forced to close its doors.


We can’t end this post like that. Tech-Noir shouldn’t be a memory, it should be a lifestyle. It’s time we bring this club back to Los Angeles! If you miss the massive TECH-NOIR blinking sign and the smell of aquanet that made this club what it was in 1984, join TNUC in supporting this worthy cause!

Here’s a crucial cut that can be heard pulsating through the young crowd at Tech-Noir if we can generate enough supporters to re-open it’s doors. Sit back, close your eyes and feel the future.

9 Comments on “TECH-NOIR.”

  1. We wish we could bring back Tech-Noir. Great post.

    Also, I can not get that embedded track to download and it is AMAZING. What a find. Is there any way you can email it to us?

  2. March 12, 1984? I think the correct date is May 12, 1984 (at least that's the date that the cop tells Reese at the beginning of the film). The only way the Tech-Noir “incident” could have happened in March is if one could travel through time, and we all that's impossible. Oh, wait…. what's that blue flashing light… hey, that son-of-a-bitch took my pants!!

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