There’s no classier way to kick off the TNUC blog than an early ‘Uncle Jesse’ being thrust into a vortex of seduction from dame Vanity. The explosive chemistry found in this steamy scene also serves as an ideal representation of what’s to come around here..

A sweet tune.
A killer pair of white slacks.
A hot broad.

This is 4 minutes and 25 seconds of pure, uncut, unapologetic TNUC. It’s difficult to say what part I love the most. The Perrier water, the apple, the second apple, clothes coming off/saxophone-entering scene simultaneously…it’s all just too good.

TNUC was actually the #1 blog in 1985, but sadly excess got the best of TNUC, and the hard-living, fast cars/fast women lifestyle soon turned to overdoses, rehab, divorce hearings, car crashes, and quaaludes which put TNUC on hold throughout the 90’s. But we’re BACK, and we’re going for the throat!

BIG thanks to AKUTOU for hooking it up with this insane artwork. He captured the essence like no other could. Also to Phil and New Beverly Midnights for introducing me to Never Too Young to Die, the flick that features the aforementioned clip. I strongly recommend this 1986 gem, not only to bask in the glow that is John Stamos & Vanity, but more importantly witness the villain of this movie, a psychotic-hermaphrodite played by Gene Simmons of KISS. WHAT?? Yes…Now go pick it up.

14 Comments on “WELCOME.”

  1. Classic! Dialogue? Who needs dialogue…

    His belt buckle & silver medallion worn outside the shirt say it all!

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