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As much as TNUC looks forward to a good ol’ homicidal, disfigured maniac stalking the streets after a pack of promiscuous teens, it’s nice to see the tables turn once in a while. In 1988’s Fright Night Part 2,  babe-vamp Regine Dandrige has big plans of avenging her brothers death (Jerry “Trench-coat” Dandrige) by turning […]

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Look who’s freshly waxed Trans Am just came rumbling down the dusty road to CAMP TNUC. Why if it isn’t Uncle T himself! This year he has some special plans for the new batch of counselors who think it’s wise to go skinny-dipping alone in the lake at night. It’s October, which means his primal and sensual urges are at full-swing, a nightly blood […]

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