“The bats have left the bell tower”

UNCLE TNUC’S DEAD. UNDEAD UNDEAD UNDEAD. Actually, quite the contrary because it’s finally fucking FALL again and that means Uncle T and most of you are feeling more alive than ever. It’s that special time of year again when pumpkin shaped Reese’s Cups and dollar store rubber rats come out to play. The crunch of leaves under my boots. The smell of apple cider donuts. It feels like somewhat of a spiritual awakening. In the coming weeks, rides in the car down country roads just become something else. As soon as that first sip of (spiked) generic red punch hits my lips on Halloween night, I’ll beg to hear “Dead Man’s Party” so I can get frisky on the dancefloor.

Turn up the volume and press play.
Turn up the volume and press play.
Turn up the volume and press play.

This 2022 season, the TNUC Manimal has vamped out in a major way by summoning the wretched spirit of one of his favorite bloodsuckers of all immortality, KURT BARLOW. The iconic vampire from Stephen King’s classic novel Salem’s Lot is truly one of the all time greats.

Especially when he turned into a blue-skinned Nosferatu with yellow eyes, hissing and screaming like a rabid animal in heat. The 1979 TV mini series directed by Tobe Hooper is such a special thing. WE WELCOME UNCLE BARLOW.

TNUC has a good amount of tricks up his sleeve this month for you disciples to devour. This year’s annual Halloween mixtape I’m especially excited about. It’s been as they say “in the can” for quite a while. Revisit all the TNUC mixtapes on Mixcloud while you wait for the new one!

Here’s one thing I can share right now. We have brand new, XL-sized sticker packs for sale in the haunted gift shop.
Click on the photo below to order!

ORDER HERE TODAY! Artwork by Matthew Skiff.

Each set contains what you see in the photo:
(1) ‘Camp TNUC bumper sticker’ 11.5″ x 3″
(1) Uncle Barlow’ 6.5″ x 7″
(1) ‘Face The Master headshot’ 3.5″ x 4″ (Each set includes a signed note from master TNUC)

I’ve always found it difficult to wrap up the first article of our little countdown to Halloween. So I’m going to stop writing and just leave you with the quintessential goth masterpiece that literally sounds like no other piece of music that came before or after it. Of course I’m talking about “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus. I also find that every time I look at this new Uncle Barlow artwork by Matt Skiff, for some reason this song starts playing in my head.

6 Comments on “FACE THE MASTER.”

  1. Will there ever be another t-shirt? How many years have I rocked the Camp TNUC shirt? Still alive and kicking but it’s in decline and will be pining for the fjords soon.

  2. The time of year that all of us TNUC disciples wait for. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us ghouls and goblins. Party for your life, Unlce T!

  3. These stickers are going right on my High School binder containing all the newspaper clippings about the recent satanic rituals occurring across the town. Mom and dad say that’s weird, but there’s something happening in this

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