As I write this passage, it’s the eve of October.

The black candles have been lit.
The cauldron is about to boil.
All is right.

It’s also during this time when the cool air moves in like a power surge. Everything we love about the Halloween season is about to erupt. Just today the band Ghost released a song called “Hunter’s Moon” from the upcoming MIchael Myers sequel, HALLOWEEN KILLS.

Not only do I love the song and can’t wait to see our favorite Boogeyman stalk babysitters on the big screen again, but it’s also just unbelievably refreshing to have a big rock tune on a major motion picture soundtrack. Especially a horror flick! I can’t remember the last time we had a band do a proper song for a movie. Bride of Chucky? Queen of the Damned? It definitely feels like a lost art.

I’ve read interviews with Ghost and when they cite influences and references, they never mention Blue Öyster Cult. I find it pretty strange given the blatant similarities. This isn’t a knock on the band at all (I support ’em), but you can’t deny the resemblance. The sweet-sounding vocals contrasting with macabre lyrics, occult imagery and now a song titled “Hunter’s Moon” which after listening to almost feels like a sequel to BÖC’s “Harvest Moon”.

It really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Two stellar tracks that bring to mind the pure atmosphere of Autumn. Howling winds carrying dead leaves to the ground…decaying cornfields…creaky cemetery gates…

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