Happy Father’s Day to my dad, Pops TNUC. Also a Happy Father’s Day to all the ’90s TGIF dads. This video is for all you guys.

I have the best memories of our Friday nights which were made up of TGIF shows, Papa Gino’s pizza, a movie from Blockbuster and my dad making popcorn which was served in my family’s yellow Tupperware bowl, a hunk of plastic that is still going strong today.

YouTube restricted the video from being played for copyright reasons, but this Vimeo link seems to be working just fine. Enjoy!


  1. You’ve created a great website celebrating 80s and early 90s pop culture. I first discovered your site when I stumbled on your hilarious Deadbeat Of The Month series. I’m still checking out the rest of your posts.

    Your tribute to Father’s Day is pretty neat.

    Keep up the good work!

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