In the middle of this virus-pandemic-global-apocalypse, a shimmering light appears from a smoky mist. Lush melodic sounds and cocoa butter production emerge from the light, which provides the easy distraction I need from the madness of the world. Can you feel it? It’s the brand new album from Lovelock, titled Washington Park. Listen and indulge.

Aside from a few remixes over the years, Steve Moore’s Lovelock project hasn’t flexed its muscles in quite some time (eight years since the last album, Burning Feeling) He’s been a busy man over the years with a number of film scores (The Guest, The Mind’s Eye, Bliss, VFW), his solo releases and operating as one-half of synth maestros, Zombi.

The six tracks on Washington Park took me on a journey that ended up inside of a dark lounge at 3 a.m. One of those places you stumble into at the end of the night after walking around aimlessly for hours, bored, restless and looking for ‘something’. Small circle tables. Red tablecloths. Cigarette haze. Extremely dim lighting. A woman alone on a tiny stage playing a saxophone. Lonely singles. Mustached strangers of the night. Old Christmas lighting. Nick Nightingale.

A woman sitting alone smoking a gigantic cigarette calls your attention. After some minor dialogue, she invites you to her penthouse loft for a bubble bath and a glass of sparkling Lambrusco.

“People have so many demands on them already in their lives. I’m just trying to give them a little enjoyment and relaxation.”
– Christopher Cross

Everybody needs a little Lovelock right about now. Download this fantastic album here.

1 Comments on “LOVE IN THE LOUNGE.”

  1. if Martin Denny’s bastard grandson kidnapped me and flew me to Costa Rica, while I slowly developed Stockholm Syndrome barefoot and wearing nothing but a gauze kimono, I like to think this would be playing the whole time

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