This week came to an insanely rough close after finding out that David Paul, one-half of the iconic duo The Barbarian Brothers had passed away in his sleep at 62 years old. Anyone who follows this website would understand the level of importance these twin meatballs were to TNUC.

From breaking records in bodybuilding during the early eighties to a bizarro movie career which spawned classics like The Barbarians, Double Trouble and Twin Sitters, these guys have always been towering figures of fascination and inspiration to us. Make no mistake, these are badly directed movies paired with bad acting, but they possess a certain charm that is undeniable. Taking a look back at the career of David and Peter, it’s remarkable what they were able to do.

I’ve met both brothers at two separate occasions, which are wild tales that need to be told at some point. As for right now during this tough time, TNUC put together a little picture montage in tribute to the legendary, modern day neanderthal and my hero, DAVID PAUL. 


Rest In Power, David Paul and Cowboy (the dog)

5 Comments on “BARBARIAN IN HEAVEN.”

  1. I remember these guys and I did enjoy their movies regardless of people thought they were bad and unsightly I took Joy watching the twins doing these were nice and it’s sad to say my prayers are with you brother it’s never an easy thing to lose somebody in your life God bless you and your life do the best you can live day today that’s all you can do and that’s all anybody can expect you to do

  2. do not be sad over the one that passed away he is not dead but very much alive if only I was able to reach his brother and explain how I know he lives and he will be right back here on Earth again one day if only I could speak to them if only you could that wrote about this episode to have them visit about one day God will raise the dead and it’s called The Resurrection

  3. Wow I had forgotten all about them. I really liked watching them in the movies and in magazines. RIP David Paul

  4. Shame. I was introduced to them when I saw “DC Cab” and they just stood out as larger than life to me. Rest in everlasting peace and much love and respect to both Barbarians.

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