More people need to be talking about 2015’s The Mind’s Eye. 


When I first learned that Zombi’s Steve Moore was brewing up a hot bubbly score to an upcoming science fiction horror film that revolved around a telekinetic revenge story, my body reacted with feverish excitement. Being a long time fan of Moore’s work in Zombi, his solo projects, remixes and other soundtracks, I was pretty much locked in already. But given the fact that this particular score was headed into dark, whackjob sci-fi territory, I felt like this was a long time coming.

With so many of us listening to this guy crank out brooding, mind-destroying synthesizer music over the past 10 years, there’s always been this question of “when are horror/sci-fi directors going to wake up and use this guy?”. Keep in mind, this was long before the synth-soundtrack craze took off like we’re experiencing these days.

Then in 2011, it all seemed to come into fruition when two lower budget horror movies surfaced – Gutterballs and Star Vehicle – with Moore providing music under the Italian maestro alias Gianni Rossi. Fast forward to 2014 and Adam Wingard (You’re Next) taps Moore to score his upcoming military PTSD thriller The Guest. Then just a few months later, a foreign film called Cub arrives with another impressive release from Steve. It all seemed to be finally happening.

With those releases under his belt, next up was hearing what this guy could do for a movie which looked to feature promising things like head explosions, snowy landscapes, telekinetic mind trauma and balls-to-the-wall practical gore effects. Enter director Joe Begos’ THE MIND’S EYE… 

Well disciples, I’m happy to report that this is THE ONE. Never before has Moore’s music been such a integral part of a film than it is in The Mind’s Eye. Not to take anything away from prior work in other films (because they’re seriously great too) but this one just seems like the mega match up. The pulsating electronic drive and emotional synth-shrieks heard throughout the 90 minute feature create such a heightened tension when it’s needed, while swooping down and getting eerily subtle during quieter moments. The score elevates outrageous scenes of blood n’ guts to their absolute fullest while never taking anything away from the film nor distracting you from what’s happening on screen. Hear “It’s Complicated” below [TNUC exclusive!]

You know how impossible it is to imagine The Shining, Nightmare on Elm Street or The Fog without their crucial musical themes we know so well? That’s how it feels with this one.

I had the privilege of catching The Mind’s Eye in a packed theater on a gigantic screen in Los Angeles last year, which felt like the best way to see this movie immediately after seeing the words pop up on screen before the intro titles “THIS FILM SHOULD BE PLAYED LOUD”. There were scenes in the movie where people were literally cheering and applauding what they were watching on the screen. It’s aggressive. It’s nasty. It rules.

I can’t say enough positive things about this score. At 85 minutes in length, it remarkably still feels like an album you can just throw on the car stereo and cruise around all night, much like one of the Zombi records. Now Relapse Records will be releasing Steve Moore’s mesmerizing score to The Mind’s Eye on 2xLP/CD/digital on December 2nd!


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