Crawling outta’ coffins and sneaking into bunk beds for over 3 decades, TNUC is back with a vengeance this October with a brand new slice of paraphernalia for all you lost warriors of the fog! Super limited quantities available (Only 30 made).

Printed on “Tri-Blend” American Apparel tees in Athletic Blue. Made in the USA.

Gift Shop:

“Power of the Night
Raise the fist of the metal child!”

2 Comments on “NEW SHIRTS!”

  1. Fuck yeah, UNCLE T! Just placed my order and love the, Savatage – Power of the Night, lyrics at the bottom of the write-up!

  2. Damn, life gets busy and I almost missed the most important part of the month…. CAMP TNUC! Never complete unless Camp Tnuc is offering some awesome t-shirts or paraphernalia along side some awesome tracks!

    Life only gets better from here. Will be placing an order! THANK YOU UNCLE TNUC!!!! #badass #camptnuc

    @Marko, you’ll be the envy of every town in the USA when you’re walking around with this Camp Tnuc shirt. People will stare, people will mumble, and then finally you’ll get that courageous kid come up to you and say… “Hey mister… where did you get that t-shirt from?”….

    wear it proud my man 🙂

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