Before we open up the creaky gates to Camp TNUC and embrace everything this wonderful time of year has to offer, a certain new discovery – usually in the form of music – needs to infiltrate the young minds of all you disciples and also crusty old Uncle T. In the past this pre-October hors d’oeuvre has ranged from synth heavy spookiness to Monster Cereals showing up at the grocery store prematurely in the season.

It just so happens that today, on the first day of Fall, the hauntingly soothing sounds of an artist called The Caretaker are here.

Come along and join us in the reception hall for cocktail hour…

Frightened yet? Well, it doesn’t stop there. This album is the first in a series of Six albums by The Caretaker to be released over the next 3 years “slowly cataloguing the stages of early onset dementia.” As Boomkat further explains, “Each album will reveal new points of progression, loss and disintegration, progressively falling further and further towards the abyss of complete memory loss and nothingness…”

As you can tell, this music is a delicious refreshing sip of punch from what you’ve come to expect to find around here. This is a good thing. 

Once the cobwebs settle, the limited vinyl edition is available through Boomkat and digital album on Bandcamp.


The next time I see YOU will be down the dusty path to CAMP TNUC!

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