On this very day in 1985, Teen Wolf clawed its way into theaters across America. This under-appreciated slice of cinema has no business being as good as it is and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s a coming of age story about an average high school kid with issues like not getting noticed, being on a crappy basketball team, and turning into a werewolf…AND IT RULES ON EVERY CONCEIVABLE LEVEL.

teen wolf 3

teen wolf 2
teen wolf 4
teen wolf 7 teen wolf 6
teen wolf 8

Part of why Teen Wolf was slightly overlooked in 1985 was from being in the shadow of a mega-blockbuster classic called Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox’s other film released during the same summer of 85′. What a time to be alive.

Celebrate the film’s anniversary by grabbing some party snacks and queueing up Teen Wolf tonight. When you’re thirsty for more, here’s a download to the film’s pop soundtrack which features rip-roaring party hits, inspiring anthems and Miles Goodman’s synth score. Sadly, most of the score is still absent with no plans for an expanded edition on the horizon. Here’s hoping soundtrack revivalist companies like Waxwork and Death Waltz/Mondo read this!

tw soundtrack

Teen Wolf (Atlantic Releasing Corporation)

1) James House – Flesh On Fire
2) The Wolf Sisters – Big Bad Wolf
3) Mark Safan – Win in the End
4) Amy Holland – Shootin’ for the Moon
5) David Palmer – Silhouette
6) Mark Vieha – Way to Go
7) David Morgan – Good News
8) Miles Goodman – Transformation
9) Miles Goodman – Boof

6 Comments on “HAPPY 30TH, TEEN WOLF.”

  1. You have done a tremendous public service by posting this. I was alive and kickin’ in 1985. I even bugged the shit out of my parents to take me to see “Teen Wolf” in the theater – which was something they never let me live down. But my question to you is: the album advertises “Shooting For The Moon” as being a “hit” that deserves to be featured on the album. Was this song ever really a hit?

    • Thanks Wolf Bud. Dig your handle. I wish my post had been longer but I was pressed for time! Had to get this out fast. Haha no, Shooting for the Moon was definitely not a hit!

  2. Ha – didn’t think so. Btw – I have a t-shirt with the album cover image (Michael J. Fox pulling open the jacket). One day I wore it, and the cashier at a store I went to did a double take. Then she laughed and said “For a second, I thought that was Michael J. Fox’s face on a Teen Wolf shirt!” I first informed her that Teen Wolf wasn’t always an MTV show; then burned that store – and everyone in it – to the ground.

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