Just two weeks ago, we crowned Malibu of American Gladiators our Lost-Legend-Of-The-Month for May and as luck would have it, the feature made its way to the man himself. At this point TNUC realized this might be the only chance to reach out to Malibu for a possible interview. He agreed, but on the terms that this rare and intimate engagement must happen on the shores of First Point beach in Malibu, CA right when the sun was about to set.

So in a scramble, Uncle T packed the essentials – tanning oil, mineral water, an extra loin cloth and a large pizza –  then headed up the Pacific Coast Highway on his red Yamaha. Thoughts raced through his head about everything he’s ever wanted to know about the mighty Bu’…How has it been living in the aftermath of that crushing blow during the human cannonball event?…What lead to him showing up for 2-seconds in the Michael Douglas thriller Falling Down wearing a pink speedo? (Does HE even know about this?)…What type of tanning oil did his lionsmane require?…What’s Malibu doing in 2015?

In a TNUC exclusive, we sit down with the former American Gladiator in attempt to tackle all the crucial questions. This rare, in-depth conversation was made possible by our friend and modern day neanderthal himself Big Mike, who originally passed our feature onto Malibu.

◊  ◊  ◊

Thanks so much for joining the Land of TNUC on the shores of this lonely, misbegotten beach for an interview. We’re so thrilled that you’re doing this. So how is everything? How’s life these days for Malibu aka Deron McBee?

MALIBU is currently in training for a BIG comeback. Unfortunately the BU broke his back and fractured his hip doing some radical stunts a couple years ago. Why am l talking in the 3rd person?… Im also involved in CHRISTIAN MINISTRY and have been for over 20 years. That’s my true source of power. For more info check out UNITED MARTIAL ARTS FOR CHRIST.

deron malibu martial arts

It’s time to deliver the heavy hitter that’s been on everyone’s mind since 1991. How did you get involved with American Gladiators?

I was riding a lifecycle and a friend next to me tells me to check out an add for this new series “American Gladiators”. I go for a tryout where l promptly smoked all my competition and the rest is history baby.

How did you come up with the idea of MALIBU and did he mirror your actual life at the time at all?

They were going to call me DOMINO, and since l didn’t want to sound like l was repping a pizza company l thought MALIBU was way cooler. Yes l love the beach but honestly I’ve never surfed in my life…sorry (laughs).

You were sent violently flying off the human cannonball which we know left you with serious injuries that put you out for a while. What exactly happened and how long were you out?

In truth l had a serious concussion and some plastic surgery to my forehead. I returned the next day against Dr’s orders who said l could be really in trouble if l sustained another concussion. But nothing stops the BU’.

Would it be true to say you competed in a total of 12 competitions in American Gladiators?

I shot the first season so 12 might be accurate.

We know after your injuries you returned for the American Gladiators “LIVE TOUR”. Any fond memories of these events?

Yes…our commode broke on the tour bus the 2nd week on the road and all of our well…USE YOUR IMAGINATION…poured all over our luggage. Not exactly a fond memory. That memory actually STUNK!!!

We’re big fans of your leading role film THE KILLING ZONE. I’ve turned many people onto it. Were scenes like tipping your sunglasses in the bar improvised on set? [see here]

I had a ball on that set. That silly B-film made a KILLING in sales. And yes the signature sunglasses tip was all mine.


I remember being so depressed when finding out that a MALIBU action figure wasn’t included in the American Gladiators toy line. Was there ever talk of doing this?

Believe it or not there was talk of a MALIBU Halloween costume. How SWEET would that have been?

You had a cameo in Married With Children playing a stripper. Any fun memories from the set?

I loved the job on MWC. It was my very first acting job and l was so nervous l could hardly think straight. The cast was wonderful.

What was your favorite music back during this era?

70s and 80s Rock baby.

What kind of hair products did you use to create that legendary lionsmane?

I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you…(laughs).

malibu with dogMalibu relaxing at home.

Big Mike AKA Big Ballermike would like to know if you’d be interested in starring in his music video someday?

l would be honored beyond words man.

Please give us a little info about the American Gladiators dinner theater show that happened in Florida!

Picture MEDIEVAL TIMES only with Gladiator games. 

What are you working on now?

Right now I’m working on selling a couple scripts and setting up a gallery showing for my art and of course my ministry work. Just getting the BOD back in shape is tough due to all the ‘war wounds’ I’ve had over the past 25 years. Im excited to see what God has in store for me. Oh I also plan on writing a book.

malibu tattoo tnuc
Are you aware that this tattoo exists? 

Are you kidding me?…That tattoo ROCKS…Any idea who it belongs to?

Not a clue! Last question, did you ever consider joining the WWF (now WWE)? You would have made a fantastic wrestling character. You still would right now. 

I got recruited in 1992 but started booking movies. Plus they travel 3 weeks every month. Real hard on the family.

wwf logo
Wow, that fascinates me. Did you have a character idea at all?

Yea and it got ripped off…l wanted come riding down the ramp on a SWEET chopper and be a biker version of MALIBU. But WWE used my gimmick for the UNDERTAKER…that’s when he went biker for a bit.

What a shame. As a big wrestling fan and Undertaker fan, that was a complete misdirection for his character to take. Someone else fitting the role would have been so much better. 

Thank you Deron/Malibu! You’re the coolest man alive. Let’s grab a drink and some pizza the next time you’re free in LA. God bless. 

GOD bless you too my man.

◊  ◊  ◊

7 Comments on “MALIBU: THE INTERVIEW.”

  1. BIG THANKS TO TNUC AND BIG MIKE for getting this interview! What a story! I couldn’t imagine meeting the big man wondering what could have happened in the Gladiator Series if he didn’t get injured, what other Hollywood movies he was prospecting, how many drinks does it take for Malibu to even get tipsy, who was his favorite Ninja Turtles, oh my god, the endless questions! But Tnuc asked all the difficult and hard questions, ones I would have never even thought to ask. Incredible that Malibu was going to be in the WWF. He has the exact character and build to be in there. I believe his image would have been epic and top 10 of all wrestlers. Even the Rock would have looked at him for inspiration. Well done Big Mike and Tnuc, you guys brought a smile to my face on this cloudy and rainy day :).

    “It gonna start a kickstarter campaign to make this video happen”

    Hell yes Big Mike! I’ll be waiting in line to donate!


  3. Deron I was an Uber driver for you over a year ago and it was a pleasure to meet you hope to talk to you again sometime I saw a video of one of your breakfast meetings and it was inspirational

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