If a part of you didn’t already see this coming, clearly you aren’t visiting your Uncle T enough..

So how is TNUC spending Superbowl Sunday? Take a WILD guess.

Times up. Obviously we plan on paying tribute to one of our pinnacle father figures of inspiration, SIR BRIAN BOSWORTH. You read that correctly, we’re now required by contract to put a “Sir” in front of the platinum-blonde-mullet-warrior’s name. The Boz’s face was even recently chiseled in granite on the first step into the TNUC fortress. To put it lightly, his level of importance is paramount to our way of life.

As soon as word broke out that his former team the Seattle Seahawks would potentially go all the way this Sunday, we had no choice but to declare this weekend as BOZ WEEKEND.

The press hasn’t informed us if The Boz himself is planning on making an appearance at his former team’s big game. For now we can only wonder. Will he ride his “John Stone collector edition series” Harley Davidson through the stadium naked, stopping at the 50 yard line for an extreme-close-up of him tipping his shades? Or casually strut onto the field wearing Zubaz pants to take his Komoto Dragon for a lap? If we’re REALLY lucky, he’ll re-create one of his big explosion action sequences from the 1991 biker-blockbuster Stone Cold during the halftime show and ruin everything! All we know for the moment is that Uncle T will be frantically sweating at the edge of his seat, waiting to find out.

If you don’t care about football, you actually have a greater advantage because this will allow for an adventure-packed BOZ WEEKEND without any interruption from sports. Nobody in their right mind could deny their admiration for an undercover cop that wears crop-top muscle sweatshirts and tells his pet Komodo Dragon “you’re gonna’ have to eat your grub if you wanna’ be a stud” [see video below]. Oh, and a girlfriend equipped with one of the best long-butts of 1991 who struts her stuff around his condo all day.

So pull that rugged copy of Stone Cold out, pop it in the VCR and immediately witness your adrenaline start to escalate. But don’t you dare stop after Stone Cold because there’s plenty of top-notch Boz material to keep you busy all weekend long. Raid your local flea markets to try and find copies of 1995’s One Man’s Justice, 1996’s Spill, or bag all that and watch this commercial for Right Guard deoderant with The Boz. Oh, and what do we have here? A Stone Cold 1-900 number commercial to meet and have dinner with the man himself!

Take a good look at that. It’s a single-dangling-cross earring that appears to be a small crystal. This guy CONTINUES to amaze.

Whatever distractions come your way on Sunday, we hope you can shed aside a moment of time to bask in BOZ WEEKEND. Take pride in knowing that for a brief moment a mulleted powerhouse named Brian Bosworth once walked football fields looking and acting the way he did. Thanks Boz.

With love,

Uncle T

(We almost forgot to give a brief history into the man’s brief football career, so if you’re interested in that, check out the comment section of this post for a passage from the TNUC history books.)

3 Comments on “BOZ WEEKEND.”

  1. Some brief history…after shining as a linebacker for the University of Oklahoma 'Sooners' from 1984 to 1986, Bosworth was barred from the team due to testing positive for steroid use. He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 1987 for $11 million dollars, the biggest contract for the team at the time and biggest rookie contract at the time as well. The Boz quickly because best known in the NFL for trash talking and sporting' radical platinum-blonde mullets, as seen in the various photos. Promotional t-shirts and TV commercials followed, adding to the fact that his off-the-field hijinks were more explosive than what he was doing in the game of football. It all came to a screeching halt during a game against the Oakland Raiders when the mighty Boz failed to put a stop to running back Bo Jackson. Big Bri was forced to retire from the NFL after the 1988 shoulder injury.

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