Before getting into the first breaking news of 2013, I’d like to examine the following to see if i’m not the only one who’s noticed it. As i’m watching the credits roll on a private screening of the 1989 Fred Savage video game extravaganza flick The Wizard, I catch something on the screen that immediately melts my face. As seen in the above image, just below the credit listings for “Clearances” and “Nintendo Advisor” reads Power Glove Advisor – NOVAK.” Pause…….let that resonate for a moment……..ok, EXPLODE.


The fact that the Power Glove was such a revolution for Nintendo and required high security clearance is so pleasing to think about. All we can imagine is that this advisor is some post-apocalyptic Kyle Reese type that visits the set by appointments made FAR in advance. He wears a trench coat and high tops with the over-exaggerated tongue sticking out and delivers the Power Glove in a combination-lock case to Lucas Barton. Finish that dream off with an unexplainable purplish-green glow that emerges from inside the case and the perfect picture has been painted.

This brings us to the bit of news that hammered down on the mahogany/ivory desk of TNUC this morning. Our two lawyers-turned-synth-lords from Australia, Power Glove, are returning to the big screen once again with their new offering, Vengeance. After the success of their contribution to the Hobo With a Shotgun soundtrack in 2011, the boys sealed lucrative contracts once again with Jason Eisner (dir. of Hobo) to provide the music for his “Y is for Young Buck” short from the upcoming 26-chapter horror anthology The ABC’s of Death. Preview the track below.

I’m pretty sure the film can be rented from one of the internet sites where you can stream new movies, but obviously since we don’t partake in anything of the sort, we suggest you follow your good Uncle’s advice and wait to see ABC’s when it arrives in theaters on March 8th. Not only do two of the best new directors in the game have shorts for the movie (Jason Eisner and Ti West), but uh…you’ll be sitting in a dark theater with Power Glove oozing from the speakers. We’ve been longtime supporters since the Streets of 2043 and Maximum Potential days, so this revolution is certainly not to miss.

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