They have traveled from a galaxy far beyond our own. They have powers we cannot comprehend. And they are about to face the one power in the universe they have yet to conquer. Love.

On Feburary 26 Swedish sorceress Sally Shapiro will release her new album Somewhere Else, with production magic once again being handled by Johan Agebjörn. Two of the guests on the album are our good friends Austin + Bronwyn of Electric Youth, who appear on Starman. The song is a supreme slice of intergalactic love, one that calls for a late-night listening session on the hood of your car under the open sky. Sally and Bronwyn deliver vocals that are mysterious and dreamy, like those first few seconds when you first wake up and aren’t sure where you are or what is real.


Download the track for free at this location as we wait for the official single to land which will come with an instrumental and remix by Miami Nights 1984.

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