For those of you that don’t already know, Michael Angelo Batio is a virtuoso, otherworldly guitarist that most notably is recognized as the man-beast that plays the now famous ‘Double Guitar’ and ‘Quad Guitar’ in the band Nitro’s video for Freight Train. He and his bandmates in Nitro held it together for a few years, playing freakishly engineered guitars and belting out glass-shattering vocals (see Jim Gillette), but disbanded in the early 90’s. You also may have caught him in the how-to-shred instructional video Speed Kills, where he “GIVES YOU THE KEYS TO THE LAMBORGHINI”…

In less than two weeks the planets will align and Cinefamily will bring Michael Angelo back from the crypt (literally IN person) for a screening of Shock ‘Em Dead (1991), one of the essential heavy metal horror movies of our time, plus a special performance by Michael Angelo who’s bringing his legendary ‘Double Guitar’ from the film with him! The plot behind this movie is a TNUC wet dream in full force…“Let’s pretend you’re a huge dweeb who lost your pizzeria gig, got evicted from the trailer park, got humiliated by the dream band you just auditioned for — all before Satan plays double-necked guitar and shocks the power of rock into you! You wake up to find yourself with huge hair, a sweet-ass house, hot babes, and the power to strum your axe like a God. The catch? You and your gang of bimbos must kill and consume the living in order to survive!” – Cinefamily

10/30 Mark your calendars and buckle up for a lethal night of low-IQ, high-RPM madness. Duel shredding LIVE in your face, plus a flock of busty babes and Traci Lords gracing the big screen. End of discussion.


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