In 1987, shock-rocking W.A.S.P. frontman Blackie Lawless was approached to contribute a song to the Ghoulies 2 soundtrack. This genius marriage of music and movie couldn’t have been more perfectly Grade-B. The formula of a B-Metal song for a B-Horror movie works as the ideal concoction for a Saturday night Creature Feature!

It’s the type of movie that you sit down to watch and by the time the final credits roll, there’s crushed beer cans scattered around the basement and pizza crust spinning on top of a skipping record. Possibly even a pair of panties hanging on top of a lampshade if you’re lucky. In other words, Ghoulies 2 is a pure party favorite.

From the band’s home video “In the Raw”, here’s the official music video for ‘Scream Until You Like It’ (starring the Ghoulies!):

The movie was released straight-to-video following the single in 1988 through Empire Pictures. This wasn’t Blackie’s first rodeo with the company. In 1985 he and the members of W.A.S.P. made a cameo playing Satan’s house band in Dungeonmaster. But it doesn’t even stop there, Blackie and the boys even made a brief appearance in 1986’s TerrorVision, where they can be seen on television as someone is channel surfing. What is with Blackie’s dying devotion to Empire Pictures? I wish I held the key to unlock these mysteries.
The best part of ‘Scream Until You Like It’ is how heartfelt Blackie sounds in the beginning when he admits he had a hard time seeing these puppets get put back into boxes at the end of the video shoot. Rumor has it that Blackie actually owns one of the original Ghoulies from the movie. One must wonder which Ghoulie ended up winning over Blackie’s heart, was it the Cat Ghoulie, Flying Ghoulie, Toad Ghoulie, Rat Ghoulie or Fish Ghoulie? All I know is that it’s comforting to hear that this raw meat-spitting, heavy metal-helldorado had such a soft spot for these little creatures of the night.

Lord knows what kind of mischief those two get into when Blackie returns home from tour! 


  1. Nice post Uncle T. Not only did this greet me in my Twitter feed this morning, but I also see that WASP are planning a 30th anniversary tour next year. Awesome! (Let's hope they invite Johnny Rodd and Chris Holmes along for the ride)

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