A word to the wise: if you’ve got a tight little package, have a slightly obnoxious attitude and think skinny dipping alone in a lake at night is normal, then YOU are welcomed to a stay at Camp TNUC this October. All month long there will be no shortage of teenage mutilation, foggy lakes, masked psychopaths, bearded terror and little surprises around every corner.

Year after year, it never fails. The air is brisker, the days are darker, and the nights are longer. A yearning for being by a lake, growing a beard and chopping lumber fills my soul. The rustling of damp leaves and creaky floorboards are music to my ears. It’s these things, plus of course the horror stereotypes and cliches, that fuel the campfire at Camp TNUC
  • Cars broken down and/or never starting up.
  • Cats jumping out of nowhere.
  • No one ever believing your story.
  • Cops always showing up too late.
  • Running toward the woods to escape from a killer.
  • Attractive girls/black people dying first.

Ghouls, scream queens, creepers and creepettes, prepare yourselves for only the baddest and the raddest of treats all month long…all leading up to a mega-exclusive mix-tape at the end of the month being composed by a certain German humanoid (who’s familiar around these parts) and a young band from Toronto, Canada. Additionally, on the right-column you will find showtimes to all worthy horror film events in the Los Angeles/Southern California area. My apologies to those of you outside the vicinity, but i’m sure there are some events like ‘bobbing for apples’ or ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ that will surely be satisfying! Just kidding. We love you all. Stay tuned ghouls and ghoulettes!

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