When I arrived at my office this morning, a mysterious cassette tape was placed centered on my rich mahogany executives desk. I quickly opened the packaging, which was wrapped in gold foil, and foolishly tried to load it in my laser disc player (at this point I was as nervous as I was tired, due to a lack of sleep from last night). At last, I located my cassette player and loaded the tape. Before hitting the play button, I fixed myself a glass of my 15-year-old bottle of Glenlivit scotch, which of course is stored in a $700 glass decanter on my mantle. Then I pressed play, reclined in my elegant, burgundy leather chair and these are the sounds that resonated through the room…

Futurecop! – Street Hawk (Stephen Falken remix) d/l

So there you have it. I love it when the planets align and a track such as this one is birthed. Stephen Falken a.k.a. Phantom Falken, remixes Futurecop!’s “Street Hawk” which has been made available for your streaming pleasure exclusively here at TNUC Enterprises. If you like the track, you can pick it up on the group’s 12-track remix album which will be out at the end of the month through Kiez Beats. Also, since we’re on the subject of Street Hawk, all you proud disciples should know that after 25 years, Street Hawk: The Television Series was finally available on DVD just last month. You know what to do.

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