Today, TNUC disciples and followers of the good book can rejoice and be glad because this blog turns one years old! This is actually a one year anniversary that celebrates an over 25-year struggle that TNUC fought to get to the top. To clear up any confusion, if you weren’t already aware, TNUC was actually the #1 blog in 1985, but sadly excess got the best of TNUC, and the hard-living, fast cars/fast women lifestyle soon turned to overdoses, rehab, divorce hearings, car crashes, and Quaaludes which put TNUC on hold throughout the 90’s. It wasn’t until one year ago today that TNUC rose from the gutter to kickstart this labyrinth.

Paulie (real name Paulie Pannino), an alcoholic and meat packing plant worker, would like to accept this overlooked robotic gift of the decade on behalf of TNUC…

As you will see in the latter part of the video, Paulie has since transformed this harmless robotic friend into some sort of electronic sex doll. Evidence of the perverted alcoholic taking advantage of this unique gift is when he refers to the robot as “his girl”. Also notice the uncomfortable expression by Apollo Creed.

“I wanted a sportscar, not no walking trash can!”

7 Comments on “REJOICE.”

  1. Hell yes, happy birthday. May you celebrate it in the back seat of a 1985 Pontiac Firebird with a fine selection of ladies in legwarmers and a minibar stretching as far as the eye can see.

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