Just when you thought the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon couldn’t get any more mighty and awe-inspiring, enter Tangerine Dream to push it to the limit.

In 1991 a scenic film by the name of Canyon Dreams was released by nature doc director Jan Nickman. T-Dream recorded the full length album to accompany the scenes in the film, which are so good that it earned them their first Grammy nomination for ‘Best New Age Album’ in the same year. TNUC feels that all life should be set to music, so we really appreciate the fact that this director knew who to tap on the shoulder to provide monumental soundscapes for something of this caliber.

Nothing appears more fitting and seemingly effortless than the pulsating-sunburst rhythms that these German wizards laid down for this video. Every shot in the film is either time-lapse or panning/flying over the endless maze of canyons. With one exception…the whitewater rafting scene where TD breaks the mood and provides an upbeat slice of atmosphere that works brilliantly over slo-mo scenes of a rip-roaring rafting trip down river.

Sit back, press play and let this one sink in. We mean it.

Buy Canyon Dreams [THE VIDEO]
Buy Canyon Dreams [THE ALBUM]

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