For all those who aren’t blessed to live near the sunny beaches of Malibu, Waikiki or Curacao, some mastermind had the great idea of inventing the solarium sunbed. Artificial, electric tanning for everybody, anywhere in the world. No more excuses for looking pale, flabby and sick. In honor of this big hit of the century, here comes theMike Ballermann Deep Tan Solarium Mix– especially designed for serious, INTENSE, full-body tanning. Dedicated to all the sun-addicted disciples of a bronzy look and lifestyle!

Make sure you first listen to this mix when enjoying a deeeeeep intense tanning program, lasting 20 min. minimum at your favorite local solarium. Prepare yourself for a whole new mind and body experience. Press play before taking off your clothes and don’t forget to apply some sunboosting lotion to your cold skin. Close your eyes, lay down on the ultraviolet pipes, turn the volume up to MAX and let Mike Ballermann take your mind to exotic destinations while your body relaxes and experiences DEEP TAN to the fullest possible extent!

::IMPORTANT:: ANYONE that tries out the mix during a tanning session is strongly urged to share his/her experience on the official Mike Ballermann Facebook page. We cannot stress enough the importance of using this mix to its full advantage under the ultra-violet lights, so please share your thoughts.


  1. Amazing track. What is the last one too? I know someone that runs a tanning salon, gonna pass this along to get it going on the ultra violet pipes.

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