A little while back TNUC THEME pt. 1 surfaced and was the first of many chapters we’re slowly unfolding here at UNCLE T. Today, TNUC is on the brink of a ravenous warpath. But before we set out to dodge swooping eagles and break young hearts, some inspiration will be needed. It’s time to call upon the man behind the synth-crusher “Steal the Night”, Mr. Paul Hertzog. You might remember that track from the Jean-Claude Van Damme flick, Bloodsport. And no, it wasn’t the song that plays during the notorious Van Damme naked butt scene. It was featured in the film when Van Damme is running through the streets of 1988 Hong Kong (“Steal the Night” was also brought to life a little while ago from the Valerie collective, so head on over there if you’re looking for that track).

But today’s inspiration draws from Bloodsport’s evil twin, KICKBOXER. This film brings another superb score courtesy of Paul Hertzog. I’m not going to go into specifics, but there are certain elements about this track that truly constitute it as TNUC THEME pt. II. Have a listen and figure it out yourself. This merciless piece has been chosen to prepare you for the harsh and vigorous training you’ll have to endure when you enter the sweaty jungles and misty mountains of CAMP TNUC.

Paul Hertzog – Advanced Training [TNUC Theme pt. II]

\\ BONUS! //

OK, fine. By popular demand, here’s the aforementioned Van Damme naked butt scene. Why post this? Why be gay? The way I see it, only back in 1988 does a scene like this get a pass. These days, if someone like Matthew McConnahay pulled something like this on screen, I’d probably start throwing tomatoes and heads of cabbage at the T.V. Pay attention to the look on the girl’s face. It isn’t every day you wake up to find Jean-Claude walking around your apartment in a burgundy speedo. What a Sunday surprise!

**In all seriousness, both Kickboxer & Bloodsport scores are highly reccommended. These scores are readily available from me, so let me know if you need them in your library.

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