1984’s Body Double is a flick that centers around the porn industry here in Southern California. This stylish thriller brings vivid imagery combined with a mind-melting score courtesy of Italian mastermind, Pino Donaggio. Just listening to this title theme alone, the layers of suspense and erotica are ever so present. It’s a rich and beautifully crafted piece of the score that goes hand in hand with the film. Listening to music like this, Tangerine Dream, and even more recent artists such as Steve Moore and College, the music is so vibrant in itself, that sometimes its like being thrust into a hypnotic state where you find yourself paying more attention to the music than the film. This installment, donned “TNUC THEME pt. I” marks the first of a number of themes that we’ll be featuring here.
Press play, take a gander around, and let this little number sink in. 

Pino Donnagio – Telescope [TNUC Theme pt. I]


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