Today we’re posting some TREMENDOUSLY rare Giorgio Moroder. This legend/wizard/pioneer needs no introduction. Everyone knows how flawless his work was on 1983’s Scarface soundtrack. This first piece is the rarest of them all. It’s Giorgio’s collaboration with Paul Engemann for “Push it to the Limit”, only an extended version that was released as a promo on 12″. What’s different about this version is the intro/outro. The added, synth-y beginning that welcomes the signature, vicious guitar licks will grab you like a fierce narcotic from Colombia. Play this one LOUD.

Giorgio Moroder – Push it to the Limit (12″ Promo Mix)

But that’s not all. Here are three selections that were extras/b-sides from the Scarface soundtrack. Unreleased officially, these three cuts are as good as any song off the original record. If you can relate to anything about these two in the picture above, your absolutely going to love these tracks. Enjoy.

Giorgio Moroder – Success

Giorgio Moroder – Shoot and Drive Away

Giorgio Moroder – Disco 79

Thanks to Antonio Montana, Manny Ribera, Frank Lopez & Lopez Motors, Omar Suarez, Sosa, Chi Chi, Ernie, Nick the Pig, Hector, Rebenga, Gaspar Gomez, The Dias Brothers and The Babylon Club for their support.

9 Comments on “MORE-ODER.

  1. this post definitely changed some lives, including mine. we won’t rest until we found these 2 guys on the picture.
    this is the best blog posting of all time.

  2. Oh my god. I just shot my coke all over the screen, and paused my EMC=2 vinyl transfer on my IPOD when I saw your post for this. I”M HAVING THE BEST MIGHT EVER !
    I second that best blog post ever statement !

  3. I would love to get these tracks You have posted, it's a real treat for us Scarface fans! But…Zshare really sucks, I don't think I will be able to dload them.

  4. So, the three extra songs were used in the movie? If not, odd that they were put as B-sides to songs from it. Thanks for the share though. Will make excellent extras for my extended soundtrack.

  5. hey, do you know where i can get a copy of the two photos you posted on May 20 2009? The one with the two guys in front of the delorean poster and the guy snorting on top of the briefcase……

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