Wet Magazine was “an avant-garde Los Angeles-based magazine that revolved around the idea of gourmet bathing and later evolved to gourmet bathing and beyond“. Its creator was an architecture school graduate by the name of Leonard Koren. The interesting point of this magazine is that all the articles were related to water—seltzer, hot springs, ocean. Wet lasted 32 issues from the years 1976 – 1981.
Which brings us to the following. Around the late 1980’s while TNUC was flying around the country in luxurious private jets and being served grade-A icing on gold and platinum records, news came that several TNUC Jr.’s were running around the states without any sign of a father figure in their lives.

Over the years, TNUC caught wind that one particular offspring of his had been kicked out of every Southern California high school, been caught stealing breakfast burritos from mini-marts and even was arrested numerous times for “Mopary” (exposing yourself to a blind person). People who have come across him have questioned the boy as TNUC’s possible nephew, others proclaimed that he was his red-headed-bastard stepchild, while after a case-study, scholars found that he was truly the product of TNUC’s omnipotent semen. Whatever the case, he’s returned and is fighting for the love and devotion of his non-existent father. Follow his daily troubles, mischievous doings and bad influence at

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