One year ago, we turned the heat up and brought you this:

Disciples from various distant lands always ask me what the song is thats used in this clip. The song is by Dee Dee Bellson and is called It Could Be You. My dying dream is that someone could locate the song. This could be difficult, considering that there was no official soundtrack released for Never Too Young to Die. Truth of the matter is, TNUC desperately needs the track for seducing Vanity out of her evangalist-loving life. Since TNUC and Stamos are cut from the same cloth, it only seems fair that I get a shot at taking it to the bedroom with dame Vanity (accompanied by saxophones). Supposedly, Vanity hasn’t been intimate with a man in over 12 years and has become a ‘born again virgin’. Naturally, my heart sank when I heard this. This is just unacceptable behavior. Could this so-called ‘born again virgin’ be the same dreamy woman that adorns the top of this website?

I have the apple, I have the white slacks, I have Perrier water. The final piece to this sexual puzzle is finding this little scorcher of a song. The voyage begins today because the year 2010 is the year Vanity and TNUC roam free through the land (accompanied by saxophones).
Mark my words, if the track is found I will perform a private indoor trampoline jumping lesson for your very eyes, oh wait…Stamos beat me to it!

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