I would like to start out by stating that if 1986’s The Wraith isn’t part of your personal VHS or LaserDisc library, you basically have no business being here.

With that said, one’s excuse for not owning this masterpiece could be due to the fact that the film never really had much of a proper DVD release, until now. Just this week, Lionsgate finally grew a set of nads and got with the program, releasing a widescreen special edition of The Wraith. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this movie quite possibly could be THE quintessential TNUC picture of paramount.

The Wraith is a film that centers on the arrival of a new kid in town-Jake (Charlie Sheen) as well as an unforgettable gang of misfit-road-pirates that race local teens to steal their cars. Everything seems to be going swimmingly for the young ruffians until a new mysterious, futuristic car roars into the lives of the gang. What no one knows is that the exotic black car is out to see the demise of the gang. And there is something else…a “Wraith”. A phantom spirit that is somehow connected to the new car and somehow connected to the new kid in town, Jake. While all this is happening, Jake is also taking care of other business with a buxom fox named Keri (Sherilyn Fenn). Jake and Keri spend their days riding on the back of Jake’s dirt bike, snacking on burgers at Big Kay’s and fornicating in Arizona hot-springs.

This movie screens at the TNUC lair literally all weekend long. If you’re in Valley territory on Friday nights and catch a hint of cheese pizza and cold beer, you know you’re in close range.

On top of all of that, the movie features a rip-roaring soundtrack that compliments the film in every epic form. With the over abundance of hot stuff featured on this soundtrack, it would be a shame to post only one track. Here is the soundtrack in its entirety (track-listing in comment section).

                                                          The Wraith Soundtrack (1986) download

9 Comments on “QUINTESSENTIAL.

  1. 01 Tim Feehan – Bad Mistake
    02 Honeymoon Suite – Those Were the Days
    03 Stan Bush – Hearts VS Heads
    04 La Marca – Hold on Blue Eyes
    05 Jill Michaels – Young Love, Hot Love
    06 Ozzy Osbourne – Secret Loser
    07 Lion – Never Surrender
    08 James House – Bad Mistake
    09 Ian Hunter – Wake Up Call
    10 Bonnie Tyler – A Matter of the Heart


  2. oh shitt, i wouldn't have known this had you not posted something about it. I got the crap version they put out from the $5 bin at Wal Mart. Such a crap release. I want the new dvd – totally

  3. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy, excellent flick with an equally epic soundtrack. Thanks dude!

  4. i literally thank my life for this movie. this post is absolutely taking its hat off for the best movie of all time.

  5. im glad i could help u. been watching the wraith this weekend. too bad i wasnt born before the 80s. gonna keep working on my time machine. bye.

  6. Thanks uncle T. I think the people at Lionsgate owe you for boosting the sales of The Wraith.
    What is better than Charlie Sheen and a killer car?

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